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Vermont could be known for the maple syrup and homey coziness, but beneath that austere veneer lies a solid reputation for mineral industry.

Here is a past history for the Green Mountain State through the ground up.

While the pandemic continues, we wish this trip that is virtual you explore Americas wonders. Should you select elect to go out, please follow all instructions, keep social distance, and wear a mask.

1. Hope Cemetery

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Granite enthusiasts should spend their respects to your greats at Hope Cemetery, also referred to as the Granite money for the World. Come when it comes to gallery of granite artistry, but remain to pay for tribute to your rock cutters and artisans interred between the sculptures they created as they lived. ( study more. )

262 E Montpelier Path, Barre, VT 05641

Hope Cemetery

2. Freedlyville Quarry

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