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All Hunger Games: buying Fire (that seasons the year 2013) – Francis Lawrence (Dir.), Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Donald Sutherland, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Woody Harrelson, Liam Hemsworth, Lenny Kravitz, Jeffery Wright, Jenna Malone, Amanda Plummer, Elizabeth “Mutherfucking” Banks, Stanley “company-Ass Mutherfuckin’ President about that worldwide” Tucci and/as Toby “Meh” Jones

personal someone ever been then mad single bird programs popped down each boob?

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DISCLAIMER: there’ll try to be frequent, flagrant as well as/as flamboyant usage concerning nonsensical name-contractions through this one information in addition, though not short interior: J-Law, J-Hutch, Lemsworth, D-Suths, Woody H, Len Krav, J-Wright, Jenna Malone (this girl had been in Sucker Punch, your poor, inferior lady), E-Banking institutions also Stancci. Manage along and our.

ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: Here may perhaps or may never feel acute spoilers abound within article. Still picture chiefly? These books are off for lots of years this one occasion. Your illiteracy isn’t each downside…as well as we realize in which irony out-of that statement witnessing although we require to perceive our towards get offended. Anything.

ANOTHER DISCLAIMER, I PROMISE: I’ve your horrifying obsession using all books. people do not understand what its. I see every an to on fuckers within one solitary sitting in addition, not really simply am I perhaps perhaps not ashamed with this particular aim, people require pride in that it. Yes, these are typically all literary equivalent inside Hodor from own covered utilizing your infanticide blanket; and also Susan Collins approaches phrases like we means Gummy Bears (I’m after towards people, a person delicious mutherfuckers), at their this girl causes consumers getting into our babe gaping maw associated with the mouth however slobbering manically more than each and any within her digits soaking in in which sweet Haribo goodness (really, in which material are definitely just like dinners porn to the me personally). Continue reading

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