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Her behavior toward me personally crossed the line, and my spouse does not just take my issues seriously whenever I express my vexation


Dear Anonymous,

I wish to start with saying just how sorry i will be that this took place for you, also to guarantee you that youre maybe maybe not overreacting. Why is intimate attack so insidious is that as well as the stress brought on by the attack it self, individuals encounter a propensity to concern their feeling of truth, because other people arent prepared to acknowledge exactly exactly what took place.

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Specially when assault that is sexual in a household, other family members will most likely seek to attenuate it by saying that youre exaggerating or misinterpreting, or by blaming you to be too painful and sensitive. Often individuals will also declare that you’d a job in welcoming the behavior that is sexual.

In addition to this, some individuals dont think that females commit intimate attack, specially against guys. Then your sister-in-laws reputation for being flirtatious might be informing your wifes perception that what her sister did was inappropriate but harmless if your wife holds that belief. Continue reading

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