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Grilla (verbalized greejah) a term found in medellin to spell it out women who enjoyed to drink and party. Like a rumbera but using much less clase.

Lady use it as a negative but guys are clearly occasionally lured through the concept. Itagui has become named grillas paradise, but We possibly couldnt potentially review.

I cant think about any more away from the surface of simple mind, but boys whom dont like to pay could be described as creating chicken-arms (ie, the two dont get to their unique purse) together with the motion with this is scrubbing your very own joint.

In addition, Colombians sometimes point with lips. Its an art and craft I havent understood.

Ah, one more I like.

la caliente-huevos / la calentadora (the egg hotter or merely the more comfortable) this can be an expression accustomed depict sensuous or flirty ladies who display fascination but dont desire sex.

Another vulgar a person is quatero, used by some as wingman. Use your creative thinking why. This should be combined with caution because it’s quite an indelicate label.

Arepa is both a delicious food and can also be used as a slang for woman products. Te agrada arepa paisa?

Cheers plenty Simon, normally really great additions.

Catalina Suarez says

Parce, buen trabajo! Continue reading

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