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Longer Beach Expo. The longer Beach Coin, Currency, Stamp & Sports Collectible Show is held 3 times every year.

Show Dates

The Expo that is next starts 4.


Heritage Auctions, the auctioneer that is official of longer Beach Expo, may be the earth’s biggest collectibles auction company. Heritage hosts a dollar that is multi-million Auction at every longer Beach show.

Our Signature Auction in the future February 4-6 show is ready to accept consignment.


Over 400 for the world’s many dealers that are important their great coins, money, stamps, sportscards along with other collectibles to each and every longer Beach show.

Whether you are purchasing, offering, networking or bidding, it’s possible you’ll find anything you are searching for in the longer Beach Expo. Get The Full Story

  • Long Beach Expo is Cancelled, Hopes for Return in February 2021 september
  • Longer Beach Expo Cancels 2020 Expo, Plans to Return in September june
  • Longer Beach Expo Kicks Off 2020 Show with $50 Million Rare Coin Collection year
  • Longer Beach Expo Rare Collectibles Show Kicks off 2020 on February 20-22

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Tourist Attractions

The February 4-6, 2021 Long Beach Expo is shaping up become an show that is incredible. Because of the recently announced termination of our September 2020 show, all of us is desperate to provide a show when it comes to many years. We should begin the 2021 show circuit down with a bang. Event standouts like Heritage’s real time auctions and PCGS/PSA show grading will certainly impress to your masses as well as the jaw dropping displays have actually yet become established. The longer Beach Expo is actually a collectors utopia.

Video Spotlight

The Longer Beach Expo: The Western Coast’s Greatest Collectibles Show Watch Movie

Dealer and Collector Commentary

The Long Beach show is the BIGGEST and BEST show in the west!” Charmy Harker The Penny Lady“With the wonderful auctions, exhibits, and 400+ dealers from around the country

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