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The 10 items youre guaranteed to discover in Irish mens Tinder bios on Valentines time

While others folks are gladly loved up this Valentines morning, the rest of us will spend morning swiping through Tinder wanting to not take similar situation buy.

For anyone of people that are accustomed to the good and the bad of your best going out with application, we all know that there exists some bios that arise all the time on February 14.

Thats exactly why (for health-related causes) has made a decision to have got a swipe through Tinder to view likely the most popular/worst bios among Irish guy.

Listed here are every single Tinder bios youre prone to discover this Valentines night. Picture: Shutterstock

6 foot (because evidently thats essential)

10 dating mistakes

Plenty of Irish males placed their top as part of the Tinder bio.

But some need to use they that tad more by the addition of because apparently that is important, to shame men and women for wondering exactly how higher each of them.

Look, elevation is vital to a few chicks, but thats not saying you must all. Continue reading

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