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Translating Dust templates to JSX center associated with ten years (suffering from the endless JavaScript fram

Hello Habr! i am Milos from Badoo, and also this is my Habr that is first post initially posted inside our technology web log. Hope you enjoy it, and please share and remark when you yourself have any concerns

So… React, amirite.

It starred in the middle of the ten years (suffering from the endless framework that is javaScript), embraced the DOM, surprised everyone else by combining HTML with JavaScript and changed the internet development landscape beyond recognition.

Dozens of accomplishments, without also being fully a framework.

Like it or hate it, React does one task very well, which is HTML templating. Along with a healthier ecosystem, it is perhaps maybe maybe not difficult to understand why it became perhaps one of the most popular and influential JavaScript libraries, if you don’t the most famous certainly one of all. Continue reading

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